2. Brief Description of the Center

Center for the Study of the Creative Economy
Kawashima Nobuko, Professor, Faculty of Economics
April 1, 2013
Office of the Center for the Study of the Creative Economy
Doshisha University
Karasuma-higashi-iru, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8580 Japan


Our research is to investigate issues that help develop the creative economy. You might wonder what the ‘creative economy’ is; here is what we think.

Background to the emergence of the concept is the growth of the global economy that has intensified competition and concentration of wealth in certain segments of the population in advanced countries. The creative economy is an important solution for competitiveness and sustainable development to confront such problems. For us, the creative economy is an economy that is built on a good understanding into the essential nature of humanity and helps develop innovative products and services that make the most of this understanding. In such an economy, creativity with high market value is a key to economic competitiveness, which will then lead to the enrichment of lives for many and balanced development.

Based on such a belief, our research is structured in four major areas of investigation:

  • - to consider what basis of Research and Development (R&D) would be necessary to encourage such creativity.
  • - to examine issues related to creative cities as an incubator for such activities.
  • - to analyze the economic structures of the creative industries that produce and distribute cultural products and services and their relationships to nation branding.
  • - to consider how, ultimately, newly created wealth might be redistributed to improve the quality of life for many and - to mitigate the effects of wealth concentration.

Each of different research groups with more specific topics is attached to one of these areas. As you go through pages for four areas of research, you will find more about research activities of these groups and their members.


Nobuko Kawashima,
Center Director
Professor, Graduate School of Economics Structures and strategies for content industries
Tadashi Yagi,
Director of the Center Office
Professor, Graduate School of Economics Research on mechanisms for creativity and knowledge creation
Yoshio Itaba Professor, Graduate School of Economics Research on greater efficiency in fiscal functions based on analysis of the sense of well-being
Takeshi Iwatsubo Professor, Graduate School of Letters The Tale of Genji
Tomoko Ueki Professor, Graduate School of Letters Medieval poetry, especially the Ryojin Hisho
Iari Okuda Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Doshisha University Research on contemporary utilization of the classics and the traditional performing arts
Fumiaki Ojima Professor, Graduate School of Social Studies; Vice President Comparative sociological research on the social inequality formation process
Shuji Kakimi Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters The Man’yoshu
Akihiko Kawaura Professor, Graduate School of Policy and Management The effects of opportunistic actions among policy makers during “the great merger of the Heisei period”
Akira Kawaguchi Professor, Graduate School of Policy and Management Research on actual disparities between men and women in the labor market, reasons for such disparities, and policies for addressing them
Masayuki Sasaki Professor, Graduate School of Economics Rebuilding cities for culture creation and social inclusion
Ryoji Takehiro Professor, Graduate School of Economics Corporate organization and actions; relations among companies
Toshiaki Tachibanaki Visiting Professor, Life Risk Research Center Policies for alleviating social inequality and reform of social security systems based on analysis of the sense of well-being
Masayo Fujimoto Professor, Graduate School of Social Studies Changes in the work environment, and job-switching and attitudes toward jobs among science and technology specialists: comparative study of the situations in Japan, the United States, and France
Takashi Nishimura Professor, Graduate School of Economics Basic research on machi as residents’ self-governing organizations in late 19th century and early 20th century Kyoto
Kazutoshi Miyazawa Professor, Graduate School of Economics Graying of the population and the industrial structures: transformation of industries to engender a service orientation, employment for the elderly, and reforms to the pension system
Hiroshi Yadohisa Professor, Graduate School of Culture and Information Science Statistical analysis methods for large and complex data
Katsuhiko Yokoyama Professor, Graduate School of Health and Sports Science Sociological Studies of Sports Policies: A Analysis of Social Capital and Happiness
Motoi Wada Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering Designing systems for promotion of R&D