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Sustainable Cultural Futures: COVID-19 and Resetting Cultural Policy

UK Joint Project 

UK-Japan Project

This interdisciplinary project will be thematically structured around 3 issues: the values of culture; cultural work; and digitalised cultural consumption.

Sustainable Cultural Future-COVID-19 and Resetting Cultural Policy UK-Japan International Joint Seminar No.1 "Cultural Engagement in UK and Japan:Key findings from the sustainable cultural future survey"

Date: December 2nd, 2022 12:00-13:30 (UK time) Method : Online Zoom Webinar Free admission, Application Form URL→ 

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Creative Tourism

by Utilizing Cultural Heritages

Research on tourism by utilizing cultural heritages 

"International Joint Research on the utilization of cultural heritages for creating new value: Commitments by users for revitalizing regional economy and society"

This research project was funded by JSPS leading program in social and humanity science (JPJS001 19217881)

Research on Creative Tourism

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Research Brunch of Estimation of Culture 

This brunch estimates the cultural GDP and Economic impacts of cultural events 

Guidline of estimating the cultural GDP and the results of the estimation & Guidline of estimating the economic impacts of cultural events
  • Consultation on the estimation 
  • Seminar 




UK-Japan Joint Seminar



Joint Symposium with JFIR and CSCE on "Culture and Foreign Policy


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